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St. Peter & St. Alphonsus Liguori


Bishop Coyne has organized a Diocesan Pastoral Council.   The council is a consultative body, similar to that of a Parish Council but on a wider scale as it represents the laity of the whole Diocese of Burlington.  The reason for the council is so the bishop of a Diocese can convene and consult with the members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council seeking to serve the good work of the Church on the Diocesan level.

There have been many discussions about the Church, where it has been and where it is headed. The last few meetings have been centered around preparing for a 2018 Synod.  A Synod is an assembly of priests and members of the clergy and other church delegates for the discussion and decision of Church affairs.

Bishop Coyne wants your help in preparation of the Diocese of Burlington's 2018 Synod. He is asking all 73 parishes in the Diocese to participate in a Parish Listening Session and he is encouraging all of us to attend.

To do this, we will have a Parish Listening Session on December 3 at MSJ following the 11:00 mass.  There will be a light luncheon and we will have "Safe and Sacred" qualifited baby sitters for those with children.

There are 2 brief videos and 1 audio message from the Bishop that will be shared with those present.

There will also be a handout that the Diocese has prepared for the parishioners.

There are 3 questions that will be asked:

1.  As the Catholic Church in Vermont, what are we doing well?

2.  What are we doing that we should be doing better?

3.  What are we not doing that we should be doing?

We will ask each question and have time for the parishioners to give a 2 minute response if he or she chooses.

This is not a time for cross conversations about what each person says, it is to give each person a chance to state their views and concerns.

We will have note takers to capture all the comments and concerns.  We will be sending these to the office of the Bishop and the Synod committee.

If after the meeting you have additional comments you can either go on line or send them to the Diocesan office by mail.

You are invited to attend the regional listening sessions that the Bishop will hold around the diocese (locations and dates to be announced).

We will go over all this again at the Parish Listening Session as well as the guidelines directed by the Bishop.  What a great opportunity to express your thoughts, ideas and concerns at the Diocesan level and have it heard.
We hope to see you all there on December 3 at MSJ right after the 11:00 mass.