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The Center for Dental Health

Our Clinical Staff:

Francene Francene is a great member of our dental hygiene staff.  Francene's goal is to help each of our clients achieve optimum dental health.  We hope you get to work with Francene and see the photos of her fantastic family.
Janet Janet is one of our dental hygienists.  Janet recently joined our practice with a wide array of clinical experience. She graduated from the prestigious Forsythe School of Dental Hygiene. Her knowledge and experience in dentistry will benefit all of our patients greatly. 

Jackie Jackie is a dental hygienist who recently re-joined our practice. She is a new mom of a beautiful daughter. She returns to us bringing a strong set of dental hygiene skills. Everyone loves Jackie and we know you will enjoy meeting her as much as we enjoy having her as part of our team.

Ashley Ashley is  a registered dental assistant.  She prepares each operating room, assists during procedures and helps our clients schedule their treatment appointments.  Ashley is certified and registered to take dental x-rays.  Ashley is a trained Cerec restoration designer.  At home, Ashley is a devoted mom with a lovely and active daughter.
Kelly Kelly has been part of our team since 2009.  Kelly is one of our registered dental assistants. She has X-Ray certification.  Most recently, Kelly was our billing and insurance expert. She is excited to return to the clinical aspect of our practice.  She is trained as a Cerec specialist and can help us design and place these beautiful restorations.

Our Business Staff:

Barbara Barbara is our Appointment and Scheduling Coordinator.  She will assist you with reserving time for your visits with us.  It is likely you will talk to Barbara when you first call our office.  Ask Barbara about her Springer Spaniels and she will be sure to get out her pictures.
Donna Donna is our newest staff member.  She has experience in all areas of our "front desk" operations.   Donna is our Financial Coordinator and Dental Benefit Specialist.  Most dental benefit plans are provided by an employer. Each plan differs in scope and coverage, and with your input, Donna will help you identify your coverages, deductibles and co-pays.  She will help you with financial arrangements when needed to pay for more complex treatments.